EFT Discounts to celebrate 75th anniversary of Victory Day – NOW LIVE

The popular hardcore shooter Escape From Tarkov has just gone on sale in celebration of the anniversary of Victory Day!

With a wipe approaching within a month (hopefully!) this is a fantastic time to get into the game (and start donating your loot to more experienced players!). With a steep learning curve, although very enjoyable, this will give you ample time to get used to the complex mechanics ready for the fresh wipe.

Battlestate Games (https://twitter.com/bstategames) are offering the following discounts:

  • Standard Edition – 20% discount
  • Left Behind Edition – 20% discount
  • Prepare for Escape Edition – 20% discount
  • Edge of Darkness Edition – 25% discount

Discounts end 9:59PM BST on 09/05/2020

If anyone has any questions regarding Escape From Tarkov or wants to get involved, feel free to reach out on our discord! There are a wide range of Escape From Tarkov players in the ThumbsUp Community who would be happy to help!

Free Game – Evil Genius

The Bond-defying base-builder is free right now, if you head over to Rebellion and link your Rebellion account to Steam.

This is of course to whet appetites for the upcoming release of Evil Genius 2 which is expected out this year.

You’ll need a Steam account and a Rebellion account, then it will be yours to keep for free.

You can get started with that at Rebellion’s site.

Rebellion say this offer is available for “a limited time” but not when it will end.

Evil Genius was pretty good, and has aged decently.

Play a villain, build a base and fill it with gadgets and commit dastardly crimes.

Those pesky kids will constantly try to gain entry into your base looking for evidence, and you must see them off with violence, deception, or best of all, laying a needlessly elaborate network of interacting traps.

Free games? Heck yeah we love those.

Just to help you along the path we have also linked a video so you guys can get started without having to search YouTube

Dead Matter Update

Firstly I want to thank everyone who has stopped by my little channel and taken the time to view the video, to comment, drop a like and even subscribe.

The video has surpassed my expectations and has gone past 900 views.

I really appreciate the support.

So this morning 7th May 2020 I was given a viewing of some footage of actual game play from the Dead Matter game.

This was captured by the development team and shared with backers of the game.

The footage itself is under non disclosure so currently can not be shared.

But what I can say is that the game play I have seen this morning looks amazing.

Yeah sure heard it all before, you’re bias as a backer!

No, in seriousness it looks amazing. The lighting effects, the animations, movement, game ambience and the player models, everything looks very well polished and fluid.

Other animations that were shared with the backers included weapon animations and vehicle lighting animations. Again I have to be honest and say these also looked incredible.

As soon as the team have given the green light for the content to be shared, I will bring it to you in a video update.

I am literally checking every 5 minutes for updates to see if it has approval.

Thoughts on the genre

Survival games are kind of struggling at the moment, we have seen recent releases get a good start but fade from not having content and have also seen some release in early access that maybe should not have released yet.

Its very much a rinse and repeat format and some titles have done very well but is there a particular one that has changed the landscape?

Looking through the content I have seen on this game, it does not look like Day Z, does not look like Rust, does not look like anything else other than itself.

Yes there will be comparisons against other games we have played previously, people will say.

they’ve taken that idea from Tarkov, or they’ve stolen that from Day Z

But haven’t all games taken something or an idea from somewhere else?

I feel there is an opportunity at the moment in the genre and a need for a game to grab the opportunity, shake up the survival genre and really establish itself as one of the examples to follow.

Will it be Dead Matter? I hope so.

Let us know your thoughts, you can leave comments here on the site or hit us up on twitter and discord.

New Game Servers

Those very kind folks in the ThumbsUp Gaming Community have today had a revamp of their game servers on offer to all people.

Heading over there you will be able to get access to the following game servers and enjoy endless hours of gaming time.


30 slots available and can be extended if the need arises, to connect you can search [UK] ThumbsUp Community in the server search in game, or you can connect via the IP:


16 slots available on this server and this also can be extended should the demand be higher.

This is the java version and to connect you would need to input the IP:

We are considering adding more servers, if you have any suggestions please either comment here or contact us on any of our links at the top right of the page under our Contact header.

Population Zero – No Hero

Population Zero launched on steam in early access today, a highly anticipated release, followed by many was short lived as it failed to deliver on some of the things it said it would.

After being advertised and promoted the game had built a steady following and a majority bought the early access at a little under £20 and then promptly chose to refund the game.

Server issues, the inability to play with friends, clunky ui, were amongst the reasons people have voted in their masses against the game after it’s release.

At the time of writing it is sitting on a “mostly negative” review and comments from the community seem to indicate that a lot of players will wait until further development occurs on the game before choosing whether to return to it or not.

As a fan of MMO, RPG Survival its a bit worrying to see another game so highly built up and not hit the ground running despite it’s early release

Other games recently released in early access or alpha stage are also teetering on pushing players away.

Most noticeably Deadside, despite it’s very stable UR4 Engine and it’s very eye catching graphics it has very little in the game as playable content at the moment.

Do we expect too much from early access or alpha stage or are we right to have high expectations?

Let me know your thoughts here on the blog.

Dead Matter

Being a backer of the game and its development, I am very excited to bring you all this video with some of the footage captured by the dev team.

The video contains information that we know to this date and the content will be updated regular across on my YouTube channel.

Whats your thoughts? Let me know in the comments here or on the video.

AC Valhalla

With Ubisoft dropping a cinematic for the pending development and release of the game, Thumbs Up community member and meme queen LowSodiumSalt released a video capturing her thoughts on some of the historical inaccuracies.

Salt makes the disclaimer that she is not a professional historian and this is a topic she has a keen interest in, that aside I feel she has done a cracking job with the content.

Deadside Roadmap

The development team released their plans for the game. The video is a short summary of the information released from the developers.

Is it enough? Will it be enough? Or will Deadside become a dead game?

Let me know your thoughts here or in the comments on the video

Deadside Server Live

ThumbsUp_Gamers community now have a dedicated Deadside server

The server is free for all to use and there is no requirement to be a discord community member. If you would like to join the server or the discord you can find all the details across on the ThumbsUp_Gamers twitter