New Release: Crucible 20/05/20

Later on today Amazon Games will be releasing their latest title, Crucible! Which was first announced at Twitchcon in 2014.

Crucible is a free-to-play online hero PvP team-based shooter which looks like it could have some good potential! At first glance I most definitely get an aesthetic vibe similar to Paragon, which was released in 2016, published by Epic Games and subsequently shut down in 2018. The game does look fantastic!

The game will go live on Steam at 8pm BST/12pm PT.


On launch Crucible will have 10 playable hunters (which all look drastically different), which gives players plenty of choice in finding something that suits their play style. Additionally, although everyone starts at the same level in terms of gear/stats as per their chosen hunter, over the course of the game (similarly to a MOBA) the player can purchase upgrades to create a build to suit their needs during the game! Hunt, Level, Adapt!

Game Modes

  1. Heart of the Hives – in this game mode the teams (4v4) race between bosses in order to collect the bosses’ hearts, collect 3 hearts and you are victorious. Sounds simple enough, until you realize you’re going to be consistently fending off another team of hunters.
  2. Alpha Hunters – This is an interesting mode, adopting the battle royale format. The format consists of 8 squads of 2 (2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2; many 2’s!). No respawning, the last duo alive wins! Simple enough again, eh? Well, if you are a solo and you meet another solo, you can form an alliance and team up to increase your chances, however, the alliance can be broken at anytime, leaving some politics and I imagine some very salty players! If the alliance still stands when there are 3 remaining players, the alliance is automatically broken!
  3. Harvester Command – This is probably the most simple of the game modes (on paper at least), its an 8v8 control based game mode, which definitely sounds action packed!

Well, thats all for now, I am definitely looking forward to trying it out and should anyone want to give it a go make sure you hit up the ThumbsUp discord and maybe we can catch a few games together!

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