Deep Rock Galactic

Do you love angry, scottish, dwarves? 

Do you love wearing fabulous hats?

This week we threw ourselves into the unknown world of Deep Rock Galactic. My first thoughts of it were that it was simply another space-farming game such as Astroneer; you collect minerals, ore and objects and craft. But boy, was I wrong. 

Deep Rock Galactic is far more than just a mining simulator where you do objectives for the sake of fulfilling a quest that doesn’t really feel all that rewarding. Before you do anything you spawn mid-mission, the intent is to teach you the basics of what the game is all about. You fulfill the quest, you fight waves of monsters and then you escape by the skin of your teeth, anxiety high as you race for your lift out the deepest corners of space. 

Who are the dwarves?

You’re offered a choice of four unique classes; a digger, a scout, an engineer & the gunner. Each class is unique, and none are more favourable than the other. I picked the digger mainly because of the mining suit that was customisable later in the game. 

Each class had their own types of abilities that enabled them to get around the map, fuck as making platforms or zip-lines. The digger used destruction, carving a way through everything in its path to claim victory to the sought after minerals. 

10/10 would bury my robot again

So, What makes this game so different? 

I realised after a few hours of gameplay that it wasn’t as simple as jumping into mission after mission to grind those character upgrades or the fancy cosmetics. I often found myself running around the ship enjoying myself – there’s a minigame, a jukebox that makes your dwarves dance like they’re about to get their first win in Fortnite, and even a good ol’ pub. 

I even began mocking Skiin’s choice in facial hair, as if my dwarves mutton-chops were the latest fashion trend, ginger of course, accompanied by a Witch hat.

While you can jump into mission after mission and it still is enjoyable, the work they put into the hub for your dwarves breaks up the gameplay and offers a cooldown period from menial grinding. 

Deep Rock Galactic is a promising, fun game that has extremely rewarding gameplay. Combined with an amazing procedural map generation and diverse classes, Deep Rock Galactic is shaping up to be an extremely enjoyable game to play with friends. 

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