Steam Summer Sale

We all loves games right? And we all love a bargain also yeah?

There are or were a few sources on the inter web thingy that have posted data that the Steam Summer Sale has been leaked and will be live from;

June 25th until July 9th – a whole two weeks of savings.

The sources I saw were on twitter and both were spotted last night, when I have looked this morning they were gone.

The fact that one was a data miner and the other just some dude but both came up with the same dates maybe reveals that the dates are correct, even if Steam have not verified the information (yet)

On top of that:

The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition will run June 9-12th, offering “time-limited demos or short playable experiences” for upcoming games, developer interviews and more.

Like previous Steam Game Festivals, but now happening in the week E3 was due to fill.

This is entirely separate to E3, to be clear, just conveniently claiming its spot.

E3 organisers , are not planning to hold an alternative, though it seems many publishers will still go ahead with announcements and more on their own live streams during the E3 dates.

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