Free Game – Evil Genius

The Bond-defying base-builder is free right now, if you head over to Rebellion and link your Rebellion account to Steam.

This is of course to whet appetites for the upcoming release of Evil Genius 2 which is expected out this year.

You’ll need a Steam account and a Rebellion account, then it will be yours to keep for free.

You can get started with that at Rebellion’s site.

Rebellion say this offer is available for “a limited time” but not when it will end.

Evil Genius was pretty good, and has aged decently.

Play a villain, build a base and fill it with gadgets and commit dastardly crimes.

Those pesky kids will constantly try to gain entry into your base looking for evidence, and you must see them off with violence, deception, or best of all, laying a needlessly elaborate network of interacting traps.

Free games? Heck yeah we love those.

Just to help you along the path we have also linked a video so you guys can get started without having to search YouTube

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