Dead Matter Update

Firstly I want to thank everyone who has stopped by my little channel and taken the time to view the video, to comment, drop a like and even subscribe.

The video has surpassed my expectations and has gone past 900 views.

I really appreciate the support.

So this morning 7th May 2020 I was given a viewing of some footage of actual game play from the Dead Matter game.

This was captured by the development team and shared with backers of the game.

The footage itself is under non disclosure so currently can not be shared.

But what I can say is that the game play I have seen this morning looks amazing.

Yeah sure heard it all before, you’re bias as a backer!

No, in seriousness it looks amazing. The lighting effects, the animations, movement, game ambience and the player models, everything looks very well polished and fluid.

Other animations that were shared with the backers included weapon animations and vehicle lighting animations. Again I have to be honest and say these also looked incredible.

As soon as the team have given the green light for the content to be shared, I will bring it to you in a video update.

I am literally checking every 5 minutes for updates to see if it has approval.

Thoughts on the genre

Survival games are kind of struggling at the moment, we have seen recent releases get a good start but fade from not having content and have also seen some release in early access that maybe should not have released yet.

Its very much a rinse and repeat format and some titles have done very well but is there a particular one that has changed the landscape?

Looking through the content I have seen on this game, it does not look like Day Z, does not look like Rust, does not look like anything else other than itself.

Yes there will be comparisons against other games we have played previously, people will say.

they’ve taken that idea from Tarkov, or they’ve stolen that from Day Z

But haven’t all games taken something or an idea from somewhere else?

I feel there is an opportunity at the moment in the genre and a need for a game to grab the opportunity, shake up the survival genre and really establish itself as one of the examples to follow.

Will it be Dead Matter? I hope so.

Let us know your thoughts, you can leave comments here on the site or hit us up on twitter and discord.

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