Population Zero – No Hero

Population Zero launched on steam in early access today, a highly anticipated release, followed by many was short lived as it failed to deliver on some of the things it said it would.

After being advertised and promoted the game had built a steady following and a majority bought the early access at a little under £20 and then promptly chose to refund the game.

Server issues, the inability to play with friends, clunky ui, were amongst the reasons people have voted in their masses against the game after it’s release.

At the time of writing it is sitting on a “mostly negative” review and comments from the community seem to indicate that a lot of players will wait until further development occurs on the game before choosing whether to return to it or not.

As a fan of MMO, RPG Survival its a bit worrying to see another game so highly built up and not hit the ground running despite it’s early release

Other games recently released in early access or alpha stage are also teetering on pushing players away.

Most noticeably Deadside, despite it’s very stable UR4 Engine and it’s very eye catching graphics it has very little in the game as playable content at the moment.

Do we expect too much from early access or alpha stage or are we right to have high expectations?

Let me know your thoughts here on the blog.

One thought on “Population Zero – No Hero

  1. It just seems like devs dont care. They care about making you think they care but that’s about it. Yes the industry has changed to a higher quality standard and it can be difficult to reach that level of quality. That doesn’t change the fact that the level of quality should be met or product shouldn’t be released. They slam an “early access” tag on games so they dont have to be held to that standard. Its the go to for non triple A studio’s now. Dont get me wrong. The triple A studio’s do the same thing, they just dont do it under the guise of early access. It used to be “how can we make our player base happy” now it seems like “how can we get our player bases money without earning it”.

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